Springer Handbook of Ocean Engineering

Springer Handbook of Ocean Engineering


۱      Introduction

Part A Fundamentals
۲      Elements of Physical Oceanography
۳      Metocean Extreme and Operating Conditions
۴      Mechanics of Ocean Waves
۵      Physical Properties of Seawater
۶      Principles of Marine Corrosion
۷      Hydromechanics
۸      Ocean Electromagnetics
۹      Digital Signal Processing
۱۰    Control Theory and Applications

Part B Autonomous Ocean Vehicles, Subsystems and Control
۱۱     Highly Maneuverable Biorobotic Underwater Vehicles
۱۲     Autonomous Underwater Gliders
۱۳     Autonomous Sea Surface Vehicles
۱۴     Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation
۱۵     Acoustic Communication
۱۶     Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Docking
۱۷     Underwater Vehicle Manipulators
۱۸     Non-Acoustic Sensors
۱۹     Cooperative Vehicle Environmental Monitoring
۲۰     Nested Autonomy for Distributed Ocean Sensing
۲۱     Science of Autonomy: Time-Optimal Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling for Swarms of Ocean Vehicles
۲۲     Cooperative Vehicle Target Tracking
۲۳     Rules of the Road for Unmanned Marine Vehicles
۲۴     Autonomy: Risk Assessment

Part C Coastal Design
۲۵     Physical Characteristics of Coastal Hazards
۲۶     Statistical Characterization of Hazards and Risk in Coastal Areas
۲۷     Modeling of Coastal Waves and Hydrodynamics
۲۸     Modeling of Coastal Morphological Processes
۲۹     Beach Nourishment
۳۰     Storm Hazard Mitigation Structures
۳۱     Port and Harbor Design
۳۲     Marine Outfalls

Part D Offshore Technologies
۳۳     Offshore Platforms
۳۴     Stability of Offshore Systems
۳۵     Wave, Current and Wind Loads
۳۶     Vortex-Induced Vibrations
۳۷     Structural Dynamics
۳۸     Cable Dynamics for Marine Applications
۳۹     Offshore Geotechnics
۴۰     Buoy Technology
۴۱     Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers
۴۲     Salvage Operations
۴۳     Oil Spills and Response

Part E Ocean Renewable Energy
۴۴     Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Resource Assessment
۴۵     Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Concepts
۴۶     Ocean Current Energy Conversion
۴۷     Harvesting Energy by Flow Included Motions
۴۸     Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
۴۹     Offshore Wind Energy

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