High Performance Marine Vessels

کتاب High Performance Marine Vessels

High Performance Marine Vessels (HPMVs) range from the Fast Ferries to the latest high speed Navy Craft, including competition power boats and hydroplanes, hydrofoils, hovercraft, catamarans and other multi-hull craft. High Performance Marine Vessels covers the main concepts of HPMVs and discusses historical background, design features, services that have been successful and not so successful, and some sample data of the range of HPMVs to date. Included is a comparison of all HPMVs craft and the differences between them and descriptions of performance (hydrodynamics and aerodynamics). Readers will find a comprehensive overview of the design, development and building of HPMVs.

Chapter 1
Introduction: High-Performance Marine Vessels

Chapter 2
Air Cushion Craft

Chapter 3
Wings in Ground Effect: Ekranoplans
and WIG Craft

Chapter 4
High-Speed Monohull Craft

Chapter 5
Hydrofoil Craft

Chapter 6
Catamarans and Multihull Craft

Chapter 7
Novel and Hybrid High-Speed Craft

Chapter 8
HPMV Market and Future

Appendix 1
UK Military Hovercraft Trials Units

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