Green Shipping Management

مدیریت حمل و نقل سبز

Green Shipping Management

This book presents theory-driven discussion on the link between implementing green shipping practices (GSP) and shipping firm performance. It examines the shipping industry’s challenge of supporting economic growth while enhancing environmental performance.

Consisting of nine chapters, the book covers topics such as the conceptualization of green shipping practices(GSPs), measurement scales for evaluating GSP implementation, greening capability, greening and performance relativity (GPR), green management practice, and green shipping network.

In view of the increasing quest for environment protection in the shipping sector, this book provides a good reference for firms to understand and evaluate their capability in carrying out green operations on their shipping activities.


Part I Green Shipping Practices
۱     Introduction to Green Shipping Practices
۲     Adoption of Green Shipping Practices
۳     Measures for Evaluating Green Shipping Practices

Part II Green Shipping Networks
۴     Green Management Practices
۵     Development of a Green Shipping Network
۶     Evaluation of Green Shipping Networks

Part III Greening and Firm Performance
۷     Shipping Operations and Green Capability
۸     Relativity Between Greening and Performance
۹     Greening Propensity.

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